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It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!


It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!

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Gay Wedding Facts:


Data Compiled by the 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute in conjunction with Community Marketing Inc.


84% of gay men and 73% of lesbians are paying for the wedding entirely themselves  

67% of engaged same-sex couples have the emotional support of their parents

Female same-sex couples spend more on their weddings than male same-sex couples. For those already married, female same-sex couples spent 15% more than the men.

Engaged same-sex couples are expecting an average of 80 guests at their wedding

30% of same-sex couples have no attendants/wedding party  

The top three ways same-sex couples find vendors are: 1) word of mouth; 2) online LGBT wedding directories; 3) mainstream wedding directories.

72% specifically want vendors with LGBT inclusive language, and 69% seek vendors with LGBT inclusive photos in marketing.

Only 23% of same-sex couples read wedding magazines.

Only 42% read wedding blogs.

98% of respondents reported that it was very or somewhat important for them to legally marry  

88% of same-sex couples do not have their ceremony in a place of worship  

78% of grooms and 59% of lesbians surveyed entered the ceremony space down one central aisle, holding hands. 30% of lesbian brides entered the ceremony down two aisles or from two different directions.

We have even more facts and figures.  Contact us to learn more independent data we've been collecting about gay weddings.


Data Compiled by Outside Sources


There have been about 114,000 legal gay marriages in the U.S. in the states where it is legal.

Gay and lesbian couples spent $70 billion on travel last year, according to the San Francisco-based market research firm Community Marketing Inc.

Nationwide, gay and lesbian buying power has been estimated at $854 billion in 2013, according to a Witeck-Combs/Packaged Facts survey.

In June 2006 Forbes estimated that gay marriages can potentially boost the overall wedding industry by $9.5 billion per year.

$259 million was spent in New York City during the first year of same-sex marriage.

There are 646,000 same-sex couples living together in the U.S., according to the latest Census.

Unmarried same-sex couples in the United States had an average household income of $103,980, according to the U.S. Census, while unmarried heterosexual couples had an average household income of $62,857.