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It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!


It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!

Rev. Marsha Mendizza - California


It is with great appreciation to those who have had the courage of the heart to speak Truth to Power that same-sex weddings are not only a part of the national conversation, but have become a national fact.


Many years ago I read this:  

The barrier that stands in the way of our translucence, the evil that locks us into our alienation and secrets, is whatever prevents one human being from communing with another."

J. Paul Sarte


These words are particularly meaningful each time I celebrate a same- sex wedding that only a few years ago would have been impossible.  You who have been courageous to live your love in spite of the lifting oppression deserve, perhaps even more than those of us who have never been so publicly suppressed,  a wedding that is filled with joy, love, celebration, but also a sense of great of moral justice that is possible when the heart is freed. It is my honor to serve you.


My mission is to open a "soul-space" that all can step into with every wedding I perform.  My goal is to create a moment that is suspended in time and space that touches the entire gathering who have come to celebrate the couple's love and their new marriage.


I strive for Excellence.  I bring planning, skill, 25 years of experience and heart to the wedding day.  Each ceremony I design reflects the unique love being honored.  If a couple is light-hearted, their wedding will reflect that spirit.  If the couple wishes an inter-faith wedding which blends two traditions that includes rituals from their roots that is what their ceremony will reflect.  Many couples wish a traditional wedding which has great meaning to them.  No two ceremonies are alike, each created and built upon the couple's personal wishes.  



I am a licensed Ordinated Minister.  

I received my ordination in the United Church of Religious Science, now also known as the Centers for Spiritual Living, after completing my seminary training.  I currently have a wedding practice in Los Angeles.

Certified Expert! California





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