Ministers & Officiants... for the LGBTQ Community 

It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!


It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!

Rev. Lorelei Starbuck -  National



I believe that the gender of a couple is not important, the quality of their love is what matters. Love is timeless and everlasting, it is divine and pure. I have officiated over 700 LGBTQ weddings in the last 20 years, far before it was popular to do so. I believe a piece of paper does not make a marriage, it is the bond and commitment you make with your spouse that will prove itself against the test of time.


I don't look at a LGBTQ couple differently than I do any other couple in love. I don't use different terminology, or tip toe around any issues because there is no difference in my mind.  I promise that your ceremony will be personalized to you, designed from your love story and your guests will leave knowing they witnessed something amazing! That is all!



Certified Expert


Ordained Minister in 1996 and began my wedding ministry shortly thereafter.

Advanced study in marriage rituals around

the world.

Author, TV Expert Owner of 3 Wedding Business'





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