Ministers & Officiants... for the LGBTQ Community 

It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!


It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!


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As an interfaith reverend and a student of counseling, I am deeply engaged in social justice and cross cultural dialogue. It is my firm belief that human beings have a right to commit their lives to partners of their choosing regardless of their gender.


The needs and unique stories of the couples I serve are my guide as a ceremony designer and officiant. I strive to create for my clients, events that capture the essence of who they are and how they love. All my clients, including LGBTQ couples, deserve to have meaningful and personal ceremony in their lives.



I have a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on the Expressive Arts from CIIS in San Francisco. As part of my graduate studies, I focused on the connections between world spiritual traditions and creativity. Through this process, I began to officiate and act as a celebrant, using counseling skills to link spiritual experience and creative process. I became ordained in 2010 through my independent church community. In 2012 I was appointed as the youth minister at a local liberal church in Austin, TX. My master's degree in counseling, additional training in spiritual studies, and BFA in theatre and direction lends me the perfect set of skills to create and perform sacred ceremony.