Ministers & Officiants... for the LGBTQ Community 

It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!


It's more than a wedding ... it's  about Marriage Equality!

Rev. Lorelei Starbuck -  National

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Our founder Rev. Lorelei Starbuck is one of the nation’s premier wedding ministers specializing in ceremonies for the LGBTQ community. She has performed over 700 ceremonies to date and still counting. She is a leading expert in LGBTQ wedding ceremonies on TV, Radio, Print and the internet.


Rev. Lorelei owns three wedding business in Austin and California and has consulted on numerous start up business serving this community. Check out her different sites in Austin, and in California.


She was featured on in their premier episode Gett’n Married with Luca and Michael and on Tori & Deans sTORIbook Weddings. After being asked to marry her friends Whitney and Sada on the Real L Word her business exploded. Their wedding was the first nationally televised, same sex wedding on TV.  Since that show aired she has been asked to fly all over the world from Texas to Mexico and even Italy to officiate weddings.


The problem is and was  she was only one person and simply could not accommodate everyone needs. She stated going on to other websites like and and finding the names of ministers and sharing this with couples she could not help.


Rev. Lorelei tells us “After getting so many frantic calls from couples all over the country and yes even the world to officiate at their ceremony I realized we had a problem! No exposure!” she goes on to say that “ I just couldn’t understand why the other sites, that cater to LGBTQ couples, were missing this important mark . It just didn’t make sense!”  


So she joined forces with some industry insiders and created Same Sex Wedding Ministers to serve the LGBTQ community in this very specific way!



Rev. Lorelei marries

Whitney & Sada on The Real L Word.